Scart was founded in August 2004. From our recent and mentioning worth acts we'd like to present:

2016 | Ivor Diosi at FutureFest and STATE Festival | Exhibition of artwork at UK art-sci events

This year at State Fest, we saw dancing drones, watched people being implanted with chips, enjoyed many great debates and heard from some truly interesting speakers including Will Self, Cindy Gallop, Brian Eno, DJ Spooky, Es Devlin, Mustafa Suleyman, Rhianna Pratchett and many more!” Ivor’s work have been commissioned by Ghislaine Boddington, curator of the 2016 Festival’s “FutureLove” section, to participate with award-winning ‘molding the signifier’ art/science installation. The event was wonderfully produced and 700 visitors in just two days had seen the Molding only! More..

2015 | Start Up Comedy | Theatre Performance Production 

Director and playwright Petr Šourek wrote and realized inter-media theatre play. The main theme is consideration of start-up principle in the history of human technical and civilization development, confronting comparative historical insights with well known contemporary start-up procedures. Premiere: November 2015. The play was produced in collaboration with Alfréd ve dvoře theatre Prague. More..

2014 |  _molding the signifier_ | Exhibition    

   Production: "molding the signifier" is an interdisciplinary project of new media artists Ivor Diosi on the intersections of art, cybernetics, ecology, linguistics and biology. It draws from a  wide array of particular fields, including cognitive neuroscience, theories of consciousness, neural computation and computational linguistics, bacterial and cell research and the study of mental illness. Molding” installation by Ivor Diosi is set up and exhibited at Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau Dresden and it receives the CynetArt International Award 2014 by CynetArt Festival in cooperation with Stiftung Kunst & Kultur Ostsächsischen Sparkasse. More..

  2013 | Master of Corruption | Subversive media political action 

   Corrupt Tour also set up the World’s fastest diploma mill just to sell Master of Corruption Administration diploma (MCA) and organize turbo graduations. More..

2012 | Corrupt Tour | Subversive artistic expansion

Corrupt tour as an agency guiding public around the spots connected with the biggest corruption scandals in Czech, serves about 2000 people / year.

The activity was listed within top 100 artistic strategies in real politik in: steirischer herbst, Florian Malzacher (Eds.): Truth Is Concrete. A Handbook for Artistic Strategies in Real Politics. Sternberk Press 2014.

"CorruptTour seems unlikely to run out of material soon, in a country where the scandals often veer into soap-opera territory.” Wall Street Journal. More..

2010-12 | EPAC - European Public Art Centre | EU CULTURE international cooperation project between 8 European countries – Latvia, Finland, United Kingdom, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Iceland

SCART was an associated partner in European Public Art Centre project funded by European Culture Programme. – EPAC was a programme which consists of eight multipurpose outdoor exhibition spaces established in eight participating countries (Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, United Kingdom and Iceland), first exhibition in the centre – Public Technologies simultaneously taking place in all countries involved and focussing on collaboration between art and science. More..