We are collaborating as a member of consortium of European Future Design - Engaging artistic envisioning of alternative developments into a current creative technological movement towards a sustainable socio-cultural future of EU.

It is a chance to participate in defining the basic ethos of EU art-tech collaborations. EFD’s basic motivation is to engage and capture an artistic, creative and reflective envisioning of the future of the EU’s technological development, with its social impacts, and to mediate not only an inspiring dialogue, but also actual (prototyping) collaborations of fresh, inspiring creators from the fields of art, science, technology and business. This description deals with focal points, but let us start with ethos first: The word “DESIGN” in the title doesn't represent most commonly understood practice of forming the shape of things, but much more generally, an INTENTION, a retrieval of responsible hold of common future via democratic good-willing inter-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue in EU. Our project deals with digitization and even technological instrumentation of arts in general. Yet, it is based not on adoration of technologies, but on strong knowledgeable conviction of stakeholders, that digital technologies, as inevitable as they are in our times, must, and most importantly can be embraced with advantage for citizens of EU and sustainable socio-economic development of wider region - which is the reality under significant transformation, we live in. We strongly believe that artistic approaches can significantly contribute to this intention.


Members of consortium:

 ZKM – strong EU cultural institution funded by the state, expertise in art-sci collaborations, execution of big scale media art international actions (e.g. GLOBALE), contemporary art, a heart of the bloodstream,

 Kontejner (HR), BioFaction (AT) – art-sci collaboration NGOs (Kont. – device art, robotics, cybernetic; BioF. –bioart, synthetic biology), both very highly acclaimed in their fields of practice and regions,

 Invistra (DE) – successful and gainful SME in the creative industry, representing a genuine contact with the market while benefiting from the input of fresh creative envisioning artistic minds,

 AHK (NL), Goldsmith's (GB), Aalto (FI), artistic organizations, state funded, with the purpose to train exceptional young artistic talents: bringing in high expertise on art-sci subjects and strongly benefiting from partnerships from outside their field and geographical surroundings,

 SCART (CZ), Interkultivator (RS) – small-scale art-sci NGOs, efficiently functioning in art-tech field and bringing a dense web of associated partners from central EU and Balkan into EFD,

 La Laguna (ES) – art-tech educator and producer, benefiting from culture-geopolitical intensive contact and exchange with central parts of the EU, but bringing in great devices and eagerness.