UV-Urlaub/ Holiday Survival

UV-Urlaub/ Holiday Survival

Less frequent answers to questions never asked


When the Mohawk Indian Reservation was established on the top of the World Trade Center? What was the most positive result of looting of electronic stores during the New York City Blackout on a hot July night in 1977? How to survive if your parachute fails to open? And many other never asked questions and less frequent answers to them.

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Every performance is a bit different. These pictures were taken during the performance on May 24.

photography by © Zdenka Hanakova 2010

actors Dan Dittrich (Mohawk iron worker) & Marcela Machova (WTC construction guide)| Petr Sourek (writer, director)| Eva Hola (visuals, costumes, props)| Vladimir Burian (light design)| Jakub Hybler (technology, vjing)| Andrej Boleslavsky (software)| Swetja (music)| Jolana Teuberova (production)

© Scart.cz